Whiten Your Way to Confidence

Wokingham Smiles

As summer is approaching you might be thinking about achieving that perfect figure and buying clothes in which you will look fabulous. There are many creams you can try to improve your skin as well as make-up techniques to create new looks, but there is one way to take years off your appearance.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular methods of cosmetic dentistry and is proven to dramatically change appearances and make you look younger immediately.

How it Works

We offer several options for teeth whitening that include a 1 hour procedure that can easily be fitted into a lunch break or as a lie down in the middle of a shopping trip. You will even be provided with LCD goggles so that you can watch a film whilst the procedure is taking place – all you need to do is sit back and relax. We use the most up to date technology that will produce the best results possible. The other option is a home kit which will be constructed and customized to your own individual needs. . The treatment takes about 10-14 days to achieve great results.

Other even more customized methods for whitening are also available. These can all be discussed in a free consultation with our dentists.

The Results

Here at Wokingham Smiles we strive to offer the finest service in the profession and have a client base that is extremely happy with the treatment they have received. Many of our clients have found a new confidence after their procedure and can go on to achieve great things thanks to their self-belief. If you are applying for a new job and want to impress in the interview or are on the look-out for that someone special then our tooth whitening services in Bracknell and the surrounding areas could be exactly what you need.

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