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Dental Implants Wokingham – Wokingham Smiles

A procedure such as having dental implants have revolutionised the way that missing teeth are replaced. They are now regarded as the most effective solution to replacing one, multiple or all missing teeth.

The loss of one or more teeth can have a significant impact on everyday life and self esteem. However, with modern dental implants and advanced techniques replacements are natural, highly aesthetic and long lasting enabling you to look and feel your best.

There is now no need to accept gaps in your smile or live with loose ill fitting dentures.

Apart from the obvious reason of aesthetics, missing teeth can and should be replaced. Replacing missing teeth not only restores the appearance but also allows you to function normally and eat whatever you like without fear of damaging the adjacent teeth.

Implants will also prevent adjacent teeth from drifting into the gap and opposing teeth from growing into to the gap, a phenomenon called over-eruption. Once these movements occur they are notoriously difficult to treat and can lead to bite and functional problems.

Replacing teeth as quickly as possible will prevent the above processes from starting therefore avoiding these potential pitfalls.

Dental Implant Berkshire

A dental implant is an artificial root that serves as a replacement for missing teeth. They are made from titanium, which is biocompatible and does not trigger any allergic reactions. The surfaces are specially designed to allow fusion to the surrounding bone, a phenomenon called osseointegration.

Once this has been achieved, the new tooth, bridge or denture can be attached. These replacement teeth are completely bespoke and are produced to meet your individual needs.

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The smile is the key focal point of the face; those who are proud of their smile stand out from the crowd and exude confidence. If you weren’t born with the smile of your dreams, we can create it for you with our smile transformation.

With our careful planning, protocol and modern technology the results are astonishing and predictable. With good home care and regular dental visits, your teeth can last a lifetime. The steps to a new smile are as follows:

  • The first step includes a discussion with one of our consults about your desires and concerns in reference to the process.
  • A personalised smile transformation design will then be developed. This may involve a number of aspects such as pre-alignment with the revolutionary invisalign, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridgework.
  • Measurements, impression and photographs will then be taken.
  • Using a stone model called a diagnostic wax prototype, we are then able to view your new smile in 3-D. You can check the anticipated final results from all angles and we can carefully analyse any specifics. (We strongly believe in minimal intervention and will take steps to ensure that the very least in tooth removal is undertaken to achieve a beautiful result. Your teeth will not be touched until you’re happy with the proposed result.)
  • Once you’re happy to proceed, the teeth are sculpted and prototype restorations which are perfect replicas of the 3-D model are places. At this stage we are testing your new teeth and making any changed that you wish. Changes may include size, shape and contour. We will not proceed with the smile transformation unless you’re 100% happy at this stage.
  • The final stage involves the removal of the prototype restorations and placing of your new smile; made by our finest team of technicians and ceramists.
  • The finest of detail will be created in terms of colour, surface characteristics and anatomy; giving you a unique wonderful smile that you cannot help showing off.

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