Boost Your Confidence and Put that Smile Back on Your Face.

Wokingham Smiles

Everyone needs a boost in confidence at some point, whether it’s at work, relationships or meeting new people it’s time to beat those blues and up your confidence once again. The trick to self-confidence is to find out what makes you happy and embrace it, so it’s time to take the bull by the horns and kick those winter blues back into shape ready for the party season.

Here are some tips to getting your confidence sky high once again

Look Good and Feel Good

Ceasing to care about your appearance may mean that you have hit an all-time low; it’s time to get that changed. How you look is how the world see’s you, if you feel good others will think you look good and you’ll soon start to see a boost in confidence. One quick fix to boosting yourself esteem is to take pride in the way you look, if you look good others will notice too, whether you get your hair cut, your nails done or buy a new outfit it will all contribute, so hold your head up high and walk tall.

Get Active

Exercising boosts endorphins which is your happy hormone, you don’t have to push yourself to the limit but a bit of gentle exercise that gets the blood rushing to your cheeks is good. You’ll get that healthy rosy cheeked look and in the long run you might even shed a few pounds which will make you feel great.


Take up a hobby or a sport whether it’s dancing, cooking, singing, gardening – it could be anything. It’s about putting aside some free time to do the things you like and explore your passions, your personal skills and qualities should be exercised as much as possible.


Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with friends and family, maybe arrange a lunch date with your best friend once a week or drinks on a Saturday, keep yourself busy with fun filled activities, it will give you something to talk about as well.


Even if it’s just for a second, smile, particularly when you’re feeling nervous or self-conscious. We don’t smile because we’re always happy and confident we smile because were not and it makes us feel better. Smiling is so strongly connected with happy feeling that it’s hard to feel sad when you’re smiling. Give it ago now! Everyone knows that if your unhappy about your smile it can affect your social situations so why not perfect that smile into a beaming smile by treating yourself to some teeth whitening or dental implants to give you that Hollywood smile? After all if you look good, you will feel good.

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